Places I’ve Lived

I know I’m probably the only person who would find this interesting, but I’m including it in my personal website because it helps me to remember the places I’ve lived and the memories that I’ve made there.

20 Bradford Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15205 (2008-Present)
photoOur beautiful house was built in 1900. We love the stained-glass windows, the wonderful woodwork, pocket doors, and hardwood floors. On the other hand, such an old house has many feature that we have had to fix or add (e.g., new electric breaker box and outlets, bathroom remodel, and replacing plumbing).
3084 McMillan Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15205 (2003-2008)
photoWe rented this old farmhouse at the end of a small road in the middle of the woods. We had all kinds of wildlife including deer, turkeys, foxes, and groundhogs (the latter of which gave me fits breaking into my garden). The kids and I did lots of hiking in the local woods and we had huge bonfires in the middle of the field just west of the house. We even had a pool table and ping-pong table in the barn.
501 Riverfront Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15238 (2003)
photoThe Software Engineering Institute put us up in a nice apartment in The Docks in Fox Chapel until we could find a longer-term place to live. The apartment complex is directly on the north shore of the Allegheny River.
5711 Heather View Lane, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46818 (2003)
photoWhen the bubble burst and Lante went bankrupt, I was unable to find work. We lost our house in Plano and were forced to move into our son, Adam’s, trailer. This was definitely a low point in my career and finances.
3341 Langston Drive, Plano, Texas 75025
photoThis was an absolutely beautiful house we lived in while I worked for Lante. The one thing I remember about Dallas was that it was very hot all summer long so we spent most of our time indoors where it was air-conditioned: at home, at the mall, at movie theaters, and at restaurants. We did have some nice bicycle trails, and the grade school and library were within easy walking distance.
300 Legacy Drive, Plano, Texas 75023-2332 (2002-2003)
photoWhen we first arrived in Dallas, Lante put us up in one of the apartments at The Saxony At Chase Oaks until we could find a house. It was a nice apartment, and we especially enjoyed the swimming pool.
4718 Cole Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75205 (2002)
4850 Curie Court, Boulder Colorado 80301 (1997-2001)
6969 90th Avenue, Broomfield (Westminster), Colorado 80021 (1997)
photoStorage Tek put us up in a nice apartment at the Griffis Westminster Center Apartments as we looked for a longer term place to live. They had a great pool that we took advantage of.
1303 Hampton Valley Road, Cary, North Carolina 27511 (1995-1997)
17124 Lutz Rd, Ossian, Indiana, 46777-9406 (TBD)
4018 South Harrison Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46807-2420 (1996)
2910 Webster Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46807-1446 (1995)
3418 Broadway, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46807-1721 (1992)
photoThis is the house where my wife lived with her three children when we met. I moved in with them not very many weeks later.
3904 Tarrington Drive, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46815 (1979-1992)
3208 Hessney Drive, Falls Church, Virginia 22042 (1984)
photoMy second wife, my son Kodiak who was only an infant at the time, and I lived here while I worked at the Systems Division of Computer Sciences Corporation.

One of my main memories is when I was driving home during a terrible ice storm right before Christmas. I had to abandong my car at the bottom of a hill and had to walk a couple of miles home carrying an electric heater I had bought. When I arrived home, my hat, coat, and mustasche were covered in ice.

Talbodenstrasse, Schliern bei Koeniz, Canton Bern, Switzerland
photoComputer Science Corporation moved my second wife and me to Switzerland when the railroad project in Frankfurt, Germany fell through. My son, Kodiak, was born in a hospital in Bern while we lived in a nice apartment in this apartment complex.
Frankfurt, Germany
Portland, Oregon (1978)
photoI lived in an apartment while working as a programmer at a acutarial consulting company. This is where I met and married my second wife before we moved to Germany.
Apartment, Tempe, Arizona (1977-1978)
Graduate Dorm, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona (1975-1977)
Apt. 2, SE 315 College Avenue, McMinnville, Oregon 97128 (1974-1975)
photoOnce I returned from my year abroad in Germany, I didn’t want to return to a shared dormroom. The tiny three-room house I moved into has been torn down (along with the other three identical houses to make a parking lot for a new college building. It had a combined kitchen and living room, a tiny bedroom with the bed on a built-in platform, and a bathroom. It wasn’t much, but it was dirt cheap and gave me the freedom I missed sharing a college dorm room.

Rumor had it that the four little houses were used by prostitutes servicing the soldiers returning from World War II and going to college on the GI Bill.

Wohnheimsiedlung Maßmannplatz, 77 Heßstrasse, Munich, Germany 80797 (1973-1974)
photoThis is the student apartment building where I lived while studying mathematics at Ludwig Maximillian Universitaet in Munich Germany. There were five buildings, each of which housed about 25 male and female students who shared the kitchen, TV room, and bathroom (both toilets and showers!). I had a single very small bedroom containing a bed, desk, and wardrobe.

I spent the previous summer in Youth Hostels as I bicycled 5,000 km through southern Germany and western Austria with short side trips to Switzerland and France. I also spent one whole month in hospital under quarantine with a terrible salmonella infection.

Mac Hall, Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon (1970-1973)
photoI shared a 2-person dorm room on the second floor overlooking the quad. Many of my courses were next door in the math/physics building. One fond memory is watching the initial episodes of the original Star Trek TV series in the common room.

It’s strange to see this picture of Mac Hall. There were no trees between the dorm and the street when I lived there, just a gravel parking space.

Apartment, Portland, Oregon (1970)
photoThis is the apartment I stayed in during the summer before attending Linfield College. I was working as a busboy at a swanky seafood restaurant overlooking the Columbia River.
42501 NE Yale Bridge Road, Chelatchie, Washington (1968-1970)
photoMy stepbrother and I couldn’t stand each other. It got so bad that I moved out when I was 17 and a junior in high school. I lived in a single room (the window immediately to the right of the door) in exchange for working for the owner (mowing the lawns at his trailer park and running the rock crusher at his gravel company. I ate my meals with him and his wife and used their bathroom. My single-room was strictly utilitarian (a bed, a desk, and a couch), but I was out on my own with my own car, my own place, and my freedom.
The house was on the south flank of Mount St. Helens and near several lakes made by dams on the river.
15605 NE 57th Avenue, Vancouver, Washington (1966-1968)
photoMy stepfather, stepbrother, and I built this house as well as the shed and small barn for the small number of cattle we had on our 13-acre farm. We’d put up our own hay for the winter and have one cow slaughtered each year for our meat. I liked to go hiking in the nearby woods, walk in nearby Salmon Creek, and run around the “block” as I was on the Battle Ground High School cross country team.
4337 NE Simpson Court Portland Oregon
photoWe moved into this house when my mother married Niles Bernard. I shared a bedroom with my stepbrother, Wayne, in the right half of the upstairs, while my stepsister, Kathy, had the other half of the cramped upstairs. The walls sloped down so that you could only stand up in the center of the room, and the only windows were at either end of the house. I remember us having a relatively large backyard and a big black walnut tree that would stain the concrete patio black. I had my first work experience here; I used to mow the lawns of six or seven neighbors for my spending money.
8749 North Delaware Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97217
photoThis is the earliest home I can remember. My bedroom was to the left of the front door. The deck was added after we left. I lived here from preschool through grade school. The little old Norwegian lady who lived next door on the left took care of me in the afternoons until my mom got off work at the Armour Meat Packing Company down the hill. The lady on the right grew fuchsias and she would let me water them. Back in those days, I would walk the 11 blocks to Peninsula Grade School all on my own, and no one thought it dangerous for a six-year-old to walk so far and cross so many intersections by himself.
Apartment in Portland, Oregon
no photo availableMy parents moved us to Portland, Oregon when I was about one year old. Based on photographs, we lived in a small apartment.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
No photo availableAlthough I was conceived via artificial insemination at the University of Oregon Medical School in Portland, Oregon, I was born in Oklahoma City. I have no idea where we lived.

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